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Supercar Investment Opportunity

Why not borrow from the bank, you ask?

We’d rather seek funding from others who, like ourselves, love and appreciate Supercars.

There are three options for investing, and you can choose one or the other:

1. 5.5% Cash Interest
2. 7.9% Drive Credit
3. 10.1% Drive Credit (both transferable)

Supercar spend credit is issued at the beginning of the calendar year. There are also bonuses based on your investment level.

The return on your investment is subject to income tax. If you are a higher rate taxpayer you may need to pay higher rate tax as well. We strongly recommend that all investors who are, or  might be, liable for tax, especially higher rate tax payers, consult their own independent financial advisors regarding tax that might be payable.

Opportunity Snapshot

Term 3 years

Amount £2,000,000

Interest Option 1: 5.5% Cash p.a.

Interest Option 2: 7.9% Drive credit p.a.

Interest Option 3: 10.1% Drive credit p.a.

Min Investment £2,500

Launch date 26th March 2018


Three-year initial fixed term, redeemable after three years at your option. We reserve the right to repay some or all of your investment early.


Six months prior to the term date, you will be asked if you would like your investment back or if you would like to leave it invested for another
12 months. Those investors that would like to redeem will receive their investment on the redemption date.


The investment is secured against the value of the cars.

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